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Fantastic Fact, Purchasing online is as safe or safer than using your card at a department store!

When you make a purchase in say a shopping center, your card details are still transfered via the internet to the bank. Same as buying online. The difference is that nobody can see your card infomation when you use Paypal.

Paypal has industry leading fraud protection measures in place to help your online clothes line transaction stay safe & secure. There is peace of mind with paypal.

With more than 100 million member accounts in over 45 countries worldwide,  PayPal is the world's largest online payment service. PayPal makes sending money as easy as sending email.

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SSL secure

We are SSL secured for safe encripted purchasing. This means that we have server side encription technology that encodes all the information you enter into either our email or our shopping cart. This encription cannot be read by people or web-bots. All online reputable commerce is done this way. I almost 10 years of operating this website with 10's of thousands of transactions we have never had a one single instance of fraud or hacking, nor has any of our customers, not ever, not even once.

SSL secure

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