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Breezecatcher (UK)

  • U.S.A. customers go here. Breezecatcher sell a fantastic rotary clothesline. Rotary clotheslines are an Australian invention but our buddys in the US have gone one better here. Check it out.
  • Breezecatcher clotheslines

The Columbus Washboard Company (US)

  • The Columbus Washboard Company has been making washboards since 1895 and is the only manufacturer still operating in the United States of America today. This site features our products, our traditional construction methods and history, washboard uses and our Annual Washboard Music Festival.
  • The Columbus Washboard Company

Sunni Clotheslines (AUS)

Argos washinglines (UK)

Best Drying Rack (US)

  • Sells clotheslines of all types and styles in the USA from Umbrella clotheslines to small drying racks.
  • Best Drying Rack

First rate clotheslines (Aus)

Perth Clotheslines (AUS)

  • Sells all styles of clotheslines as well as most brands. Does installation in the Perth area.
  • Perth clotheslines

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