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How to instructions on installing an Austral Super Series, Deluxe Series and Elite 4 fixed rotary clotheslines.

Instructions on how to install fixed rotary clotheslines.

How to install elite 4 and the super series Austral rotary products. Austral rotary, elite 4 & super series clothes lines

Step 1.

Select a site which gives about 1 metre clearance to the ends of each arm of the clothes line.

Step 2.

Place handle shaft through the handle grip and push into hole in handle, you may need to tap this in, if so ensure you support behind the handle. (Fit the back cover to the models that use a nylon handle).

Step 3.

Dig a hole 500mm deep and 200mm in diameter. Place about 150mm of gravel in the hole (gravel is used to drain water away from the column).

Step 4.

Stand main column upright in the hole to check for height, add or remove gravel until the reducer on the hoist is about head height.

Step 5.

Mix the concrete. Concrete must be mixed fairly dry otherwise the main column will not stay erect. ( 4 gravel, 2 sand, 1 cement).

Step 6.

Remove the main column from the hole and insert the steel pin through the hole in the bottom of the column. (Conventional models do not require this as they have an indented section to hold firm in the concrete).

Step 7.

Place back in the hole and check the height again. Slowly add the concrete and ram tight, check clothes line for perpendicularand add more concrete ramming tight again, check for perpendicular, repeat until hole is full.

Step 8.

Turn the handle anti-clockwise and wind the hoist down as far as it goes.

Step 9.

Insert a 3/4" x 5/16" Bolt into the aluminium cross peice slide the cross over the elevating stem and allow to rest on top of the reducer. Fit the aluminuim top cap using a 50mm x 6mm bolt and a 6mm nyloc nut. Rotate the elevating stem until untill the arm holes in the cross are aligned with the bolt holes in the top cap, tighten the screw in the cross. Wind the stem up about 50mm.

Step 10.

Assemble the head section.

Step 10a.

For tube stay models, place a 6mm washer over a 20mm x 6mm bolt, place 4 bolts with washers, down the holes in the top cap. Put an arm into the cross section and allow to rest, secure the flat end of the stay cap, secure with a 6mm nut, connect the formed end of the stay to the arm using a 35mm x 6mm bolt and a 6mm nut. Repeat other arm

Step 10b.

For rod stay models, hook the small bent end of the rod stay into the hole on top of the arm. Hook the top end of the stay through the hole in the top cap. Swing the arm out and place in the cross peice. Repeat for the other arms.

Step 11.

Commence wiring through the holes or staples from the centre, Tying all wires on the same arm. Take up slack in wire by "kinking" with thumb, first check that the arm is not pulled out of line with the opposite arm. To tie on or off, pass wire through holes or staples, around arm, and wrap back around wire. Twist wire to tension. Then loop other end of wire through the first loop and not the hole or staple. Fold wire back on itself and twist till nice and taut. Make sure arms are square to the post.

Step 12.

Check for perpendicular and tighten all nuts and bolts. Do not use for 48 hours.

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