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Installation instructions for Austral Addaline 35 clothes lines.

Instructions on how to assemble both wall mount and ground mount Austral Addaline clothesline.

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Wall mounted clothesline instructions.

Step 1.

Use the Template supplied to mark the position of the drill holes. Place the Wall Bracket’s top fixing screw approximately 50mm above user’s head height or, for a general installation 1800mm above finished ground level. Ensure Template is vertically plumb. Drill both sets of holes.

Holes are to be drilled 2400mm apart.

Step 2.

Attach left Pre-Assembled Side Arm to wall using screws and plugs

Step 3.

Assemble the Front Bar using one Front Spacer to each side of the Front Joiner (bar with Sticker). The hole on the end of each Bar has no relevance to the installation.

Step 4.

Assemble both sets of front bars. The Front Joiner bars are the larger tubing with an Austral sticker these are the same length. Lay the other 4 Spacer bars alongside each other they are different lengths. The two shorter spacer bars are for the smaller frame. The two longer spacer bars are for the larger frame.

Step 5.

Fit Front Bar(s) to the fixed Left Side Arm (after attaching to wall) and push the unsecured end of the Front Bar into the Right Side Arm before fixing to wall.

Step 6.

Fix the Right Pre-Assembled Side Arm to wall.

Step 7.

Ensure all bolts are secure but not over tight. Bolts should be loose enough to allow marginal finger movement. The Catchesmust move freely to allow the Braces to lock and unlock.

Step 8.

Lock the frame into the upright position. For Add-A-Line put both frames up. Slide the line tension lock(s) towards the front bend. Thread the Cord through the first hole nearest the bend, leaving about 30cm of extra line. Continue threading Cord through to the back. Slip the Cord Tidy (6mm black grommet) onto the line before threading the last hole. For the smaller frame: thread from front to back through all 7 holes and finish as in Step 8- 7 lines only. For the larger frame: thread from front to back through the first 8 holes. 8 lines only.

Step 9.

The larger hole on the small Addaline frame will hold the wire Braces in position.

Step 10.

Cutthe Cord end leaving 10-15cm. Wrap line over the top of the side arm and knot several times to the inside of the frame before pushing the end through the Cord Tidy. Do not tie the Cord under the frame as line will not fold down as flat as intended.

Step 11.

Working from back to front, pull each length taut until you reach the Line Tension Lock. With the Lever on the Line Tension Lock raised, push the cord through the hole under the lever, pulling until the Cord is taut. Lock the lever down into position. Wrap the line in and around the Line Tension Lock to secure. Reduce excess line to about 12cm. Slide Cord Knob onto line end. Knot the Cord end and pull Cord Knob down over the knot.

Ground mounted clothesline instructions.

Step 1.

Select site and dig two holes 2360mm or 2400mm for the new larger Addaline 35, apart centre to centre. (Some fold downs have a shorter width. Just measure your leg kit tie bar to find the distance needed). The holes should be 300mm in diameter and 500mm deep.

Step 2.

After assembling the clothes line as a wall mount. Lay the rear tie bar flat on the ground. Place each leg flat on the ground at the ends of the rear tie bar and bolt the wall mount to the legs and rear tie bar using 6mm x 80mm bplts, washer & nut through the top hole of the wall bracket. top hole of leg and the tie bar. Use the 6mm x 60mm bolt, washer &nut through the bottom slot of the wall mount bracket and leg.

Step 3.

Fit all the plastic ends to legs and brace. Position clothes line legs in the pre dug holes at a height such that the top pivot bolt is at users head height. Add dry mix of concrete.( e.g. 4 gravel, 2 sand, 1 cement) Ensure the legs are perpendicular and add a bucket of water. Leave clothes line in folded position for 48 hrs before using.




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