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All the major clothesline brands are listed here for you to review & compare their specifications.

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Compare Brand Specs Austral City Living Sun breeze Hills Top Dry Daytek
*COUNTRY OF ORIGIN:Country of origin Australia Australia China China China China
*LOAD CAPACITY:load capacity icon 100 kg 80 kg Not tested yet but are very similar to the Austral in construction 34.65kg 34 kg 32.25 kg
GUARANTEE PERIOD:Guarantee icon Austral 20 year Guarantee icon City living 10 year Guarantee icon Sunbreeze 10 year Guarantee icon 10 years 15 Years 15 Years
FITS SHEET SIZE:sheet size icon Queen King Queen Single Single Single
LINE SPACE:line length icon 35.7 m 36 m 23 m 23 m 23 m 21.5 m

* The above table is a partial example of a Folding frame clothesline comparison and different clothesline types and models will differ in specifications.

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