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Clothesline installation information

Important clothesline installation information.

We offer a professional clothesline installation service in most major cities by experienced clothesline installers.

To keep your costs low we offer a basic package where all clothesline types are priced at the same low price for installation. We offer for a modest additional cost, services such as old clothesline dismantling and removal, and or core drilling.

We will contact you by email or phone for an appropiate time and date that suits you to install your new clothesline after you have made your purchase on our shopping cart.

Dont forget to make sure you give us the current address of the home where the clothesline is to be installed when you purchase on the shopping cart.

We do not take orders over the phone unless you wish to pay on the day of installation or if you prefer to pay by another method. Please use the shopping cart for your order.

Delivery is FREE with any installation order.

Usually your clothesline will be installed the week after your purchase. It may be longer in busy times of the year such as the summer months.


  • Clothesline installation. All models, and types except fixed traditional rotarys, $109. Fixed traditional style rotarys, $129. Dont forget you save on delivery costs if you order our installation package.
  • Old clothesline dismantling and removal, $49
  • Core drilling. For rock, concrete or paved areas only. $80
  • Delivery, varying costs due to product and location.


To purchase any of these services, please click on the gold "BUY IT NOW" button which is located next to the clothesline your interested in on that particular page. We will contact you for a time and date to install after your purchase is received. Please do not use the "Buy it Now" button below if you are also purchasing a clothesline from us. The button below is for those who already have a clothesline and want us to install it.


Clothesline Installation.

We concrete every ground mounted version into the ground. All wall mounted versions are properly secured using quality fixings.

Old clothesline removal.

We dismantle and take away your old clothesline. The old clothesline is recycled at the metal recyclers. We do not remove any concrete for ground mounted versions, however we wil cut the clothesline off below the ground level and cover it over with soil or concrete depending on the application. We have been doing this for a long time and it is completely safe for kids.

Core drilling.

If you are unsure if you need core drilling, then do not purchase this service on the shopping cart. If it turns out you need core drilling when the installer arrives, you can pay on the day. Core drilling is only needed if you have rock, concrete or pavers above or below the ground. You will need to be clear to a depth of 500 mm.

Buy Clothesline Installation $129

If you have a clothesline already and you want us to install it, please use the "Buy it Now" button below.

This buy now button is ONLY for those who have a clothesline in their possesion already. If you are buying from us, you will be offered installation on the shopping cart, please use the buy now button next to your prefered clothesline and not this one.

buy clothesline installation

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