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leg kits, colours, core drilling, etc.

Austral Addaline: $229

Optional ground mount kit (for soil): $89

Optional plate mount kit (concrete slabs): $119

Optional installation: $109

Optional old line removal $49

Optional core drilling (for rock/concrete): $80

Austral Addaline clothesline
Austral Clothesline information
Austral steel braces
Hills plastic frame corners

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The Austral Addaline 35 is a high quality clothesline with special features such as line tension locks, one for each frame, to help with line tensioning. These are exclusive to Austral.

The construction is such that it is made with steel frame corners for rigidity in winds. The hinges and braces are also steel and are of high quality. Some other brands have plastic hinges and frame corners, we recomend steel for both.

With 35.7 meters of line space its right up there with the biggest and is the largest fold down Austral offers. The twin frame feature allows you to use one or two frames depending on washing amounts.

The Austral brand is about equal in quality construction to the City Living brand except it has line tension locks and is available in stock now. Other brands not sold by us are usually 2.2 meters in width and cannot accomodate a queen sized sheet without bunching them up to fit. These other brands often have plastic frame corners and sometimes plastic hinges and much less line space. See more information below.

Compare Austral Addaline with City living, Sunbreeze, Hills, Daytek & Top Dry.
Compare Brand Specs Austral City Living Sun breeze Hills Top Dry Daytek
FOLD DOWN CLOTHES LINE NAME:Fold down clothesline Addaline 35 Bi Fold 35 Double Large Double Contempo Double Twin.
*COUNTRY OF ORIGIN:Country of origin Australia Australia China China China China
MAX LOAD CAPACITY:load capacity icon 100 kg on main frame 80 kg Not tested yet but is similar in constraucton to the Austral 34.65kg 34 kg 32.25 kg
GUARANTEE PERIOD:Guarantee icon Austral 20 year Guarantee icon City living 10 year Guarantee icon Sunbreeze 10 year Guarantee icon 10 years 15 Years 15 Years
WIDTH: (side to side):width icon 2.4 m 2.4 m 2.4 m 2.2 m 2.2 m 2.2 m
DEPTH, (back to front):depth icon 1.5 m 1.5 m 1.2 m 1.2 m 1.2 m 1.2 m
FITS SHEET SIZE:sheet size icon Queen Queen Queen Single Single Single
MAX LINE SPACE:line length icon 35.7 m 35 m 23 m 23 m 23 m 21.5 m
* WASHING LOADS:washing load icon 2.2 loads 2.2 loads 1.4 loads 1.4 loads 1.4 loads 1.3 loads
SERVES MAX:people icon 1-6 people 1-6 people 1-4 people 1-4 people 1-4 people 1-3 people
DOUBLE FRAMED, X2:double framed icon Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
NUMBER OF LINES:number of lines  icon 15 16 10 11 11 11
SPACE BETWEEN LINES:space between lines icon Varied, 135mm to 65mm Varied, 135mm to 65mm Varied, 135mm to 65mm Varied, 140mm to 70mm Varied, 140mm to 70mm Varied, 140mm to 70mm
SINGLE LINE TENSION:spaceline tension lock icon Yes. One single levered type Yes, non levered Yes, non levered. Yes, non levered. Yes, non levered. Yes, non levered.
FRAME CORNER MATERIAL:steel icon Steel Steel SteelPlastic Plastic Plastic
HINGE MATERIAL:steel icon Steel Steel SteelSteel Steel Plastic
OPTIONAL LEG KIT:leg kit icon Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
WIDTH CAN BE TRIMMED:trimmed icon Yes Yes Yes No No No
WALL FASTENERS:wall fastener icon Yes Yes Yes No No No
AVAILABLE COLOURS:colour icon Classic Cream, Woodland Grey, Surfmist 36 colours Dove Grey, Paper bark Midnight sky, Pebble beach. Smoke, Slate. Grass green or primrose, iron grey, hawthorn green, sand, timber grey, mercury silver, coastal blue, Bark.
AVAILABLE IN STOCK:in stock icon Yes Made to order Yes We do not stock this product We do not stock this product We do not stock this product
MORE INFO:more information icon Austral Addaline City Living Bi Fold 35 Sunbreeze Double      
BUY NOW:more information icon BUY NOW          

* Estimate based on 16 meters of line space equals one washing load.

* We make no claims as to the quality and longivity of Chinese made clotheslines or in regards, to plastic frame corners & hinges. We make no claims as to the quality and longevity of Hills, Daytek or Top Dry clotheslines. This page was first published in Sep 2007 and was last updated on 9/9/18. All information is correct at time of publication.

* Load capacity's listed are according to manufacturers statistics or claims.



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