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We will always have lower prices everyday.

We dont have fake mega sales, specials or 3 day sales that continually renew.

Installations only $129, timely service. Or shipped Free within 4-5 days.

New Release! Austral Superior Line 39. Only $219


Austral Superior Line 39

Now taking pre orders.

Available from 16/5/16. However there is small amounts of stock available now. First in first served. Only available here.

See more, Austral Superior Line 39.

Fold downs, most fit Queen Sheets.

Fold down clotheslines

Folding Rotarys. High quality.

Folding rotary clotheslines

Fixed Rotarys, the "only" Australian made Rotarys.

Fixed rotary clotheslines

Retractables, up to 8 to 10 meters long.

Retractable clotheslines

We install and or deliver Austral clotheslines in...

Clothesline delivery

Review clotheslines. Compare Austral, Hills, Daytek and Top Dry.

On this page we compare all the main brands and styles available today. Our advice would be to not only choose a clothesline that is suitable for your needs, but one that will go the distance and last a long time.

There have been clothes lines around in the past that have had a history of not lasting as long as their guarantee period and then there are some that will out live their guarantee period 2 or 3 times over.

Pay a little extra and get something that will satisfy your value for dollar as well as something that is more user friendly and functional. Consider your sheet sizes, dont buy what your sheets wont fit on.

We have been selling Austral clotheslines online since 2007. We have a great reputation for quality of product and service thats why we are only one of only two companys listed on the Austral website. Our washinglines are reasonably priced and so is our clothesline installation service.

Catalogue of Austral clothesline products.

Click links to see images and information for all Austral clotheslines. Pages include brand comparisons.

Fold down products.

Retractable products.

Folding Rotary products.

Fixed Rotary products.

Clothesline styles

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